Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Tip;)

To help diminish the appearance of yucky cellulite... Srub your booty vigorously with a homemade coffee grind/ honey mixture daily while in the hot shower! The caffeine helps to stimulate oxygen flow, and the honey will help to hydrate and make your backside feel smooth and tight! XOXO

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few more FREE skin tips for amazing summer skin!

1. Drink lots of Water; The ideal ratio is 1/2 your weight in oz. Your skin needs to be hydrated from the inside as well!  (ooh and don't forget about your omega 3s)

2. Keep pillow cases soft, clean and bacteria free; Your face is smashed up against it every night... think about it! (Ideally back sleeping is the best if you can train yourself to do it, it keeps the thin skin around your eyes from creating unnecessary wrinkles)

3.Eat Raw when possible and keep sugars to a minimum for glowing healthy skin. I try to eat a raw breakfast and lunch (lots of fruits and veggies, grains...) , then enjoy a cooked dinner.

4. Exercise; both your body and your face. Keeping your body moving improves circulation, and exercising your face muscles will help keep your face muscles toned=) Check on line for a few fun facial exercises!

5. Switch from Coffee to Green Tea;  load up on the antioxidants this summer ( Bonus; green tea is one of the #1 fat burning ingredients as well)

6. Keep a hydrating toner in your bag this summer and spritz it on throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and fresh! Think of it as a fresh drink of water for your skin(thanks Michelle, I stold that line from you)
I like Burke Williams H2V Prepare Toner, its affordable and packed with moisture retaining ingredients and antioxidants.

7. SPF- need I say more; read my previous blogs on sun protection for more 411

8. Wide brim hats and Big Sexy Sunglasses are so in! and will help protect your skin from aging=)

9. Keep up with your skin routine-cleansing, exfoliating, treating, hydrating and protection

10. SMile and have FUN!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Art of Transformation

As much as I support natural skincare supplements and products, I also understand the growing popularity and the amazing results that cutting edge technology can provide. With new injectables and procedures on the market every year, my clients are often confused on what does what... and which one is better. Here is a little rundown...

There are two Muscle Relaxer/Wrinkle Smoothers that dominate the market right now;
Botox & Dysport (the newer and and usually cheaper alternative). These are usually injected between frown lines or on the forehead and  last between 3-6 months (sometimes longer depending on homecare). For the money I have heard that dysport gets the job done and gives great results. I would love to hear your opinions, as I have not tried either.

Next we have the Wrinkle Fillers;
The 3 common fillers are usually a Hyaluronic acid, Collagen , or a synthetic Filler.

The Hyaluronic Fillers that you might have heard of are Restylane, Perlane and Juvaderm. These Typically last up to 6 months and help to plump up and smooth out folds, wrinkles or scars. Swelling and bruising are not uncommon so avoid any blood thinners such as aspirin, Ginko, Vit E...2 weeks prior to injection.

The Collagen Fillers are not as popular, as results last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. However, these injections typically run about a $100 cheaper. It is suggested to ice area immediately after to prevent swelling, and also remember to gently massage filled areas for a few minutes several times a day for the 24 hours to prevent bumps.

Lastly I will talk about Synthetic Fillers, since they have been getting all the hype lately. The top 3 brands are Radiesse, Sculptra Aesthetic, and Artefill.  A Beverly Hills Doctor was referring to Sculpta and Artefill, as the biggest injectable breakthroughs since Botox. These bioactive fillers are not only said to help fill and smooth out wrinkles, folds and scars, but are promising to stimulate new collagen growth and restore volume for long periods of time. Radiesse should last a year a more, Sculptra may last up to 2, while Artefill is permanent.FYI...permanent fillers are extremely difficult to remove!

With that all said... be very picky with your Doctor selection, you are paying for their skill, artistry and expertise in the field. And again. LESS IS MORE! meaning you want natural results, you don't want to look altered, just great for your age!

Trusted Doctors to try>>> Hawaii Readers; Dr. Randy Wong of Honolulu Plastic Surgery's Center of Transforming Arts has an amazing outlook on Plastic Surgery... he integrates leading edge technology with a more holistic and traditional approach to offer amazing transformations! check out his website at
For our LA readers; Kate Somerville's Melrose Clinic offers clients a variety of Doctor performed treatments, while keeping skin health the ideal goal!

Now thats aging beautifully! 

Enjoy and Remember... You didn't age overnight, why should you anti-age overnight? amazing, natural results takes time and commitment!! XOXO

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Beach Goddess GLOW... Summer Make-up & Skin Tips!

Fresh Faced & Glowing is always IN
Lets talk make-up... my other favorite topic! If there is one tip to remember for summer makeup; its LESS IS MORE! Keep your face fresh and dewy by adding a bit of liquid bronzer to your daily moisturizer, or if you need the coverage from your foundation, mix that with your daily moisturizer instead and sweep some bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face for a little glow! Don't waste your money on a tinted moisturizer, just mix your own and you will get the same amazing results. Keep lips hydrated and soft by exfoliating them weekly(brown sugar, olive oil & honey works great) and applying a lip moisturizer daily, preferably one with a kiss of color and an SPF (Kiehl's has a great one, and so does Neutragena).  For eyes, stick to a waterproof mascara, skip the heavy liners and brush on a touch of gold, bronze, soft pink or pale whites if any color at all=)

A few if my favorite liquid bronzers...P.S I really like the benefits of the Argan Oil in Josie Maran's!
ENJOY YOUR BEACH GODDESS GLOW!!! and don't forget the sunblock XOXOXO