Thursday, October 6, 2011

INside OUT

I know I have blogged about it in earlier postings, but I can't stress it enough. The statement "beauty comes from within" is true in many ways. You can rub all the $100 serums and creams all over your face, but if you have unhealthy eating habits, you smoke, drink too much and don't get enough sleep, you are not going to have beautiful skin. Before you spend anymore $$$ on products, take a step back and look at your lifestyle and work on that first. You will find that by making these healthy changes, your skin will follow. Healthy skin has a GLOW, it looks FRESH not DULL, it is CALM not INFLAMED, and has a radiance that products alone can not mimic.

* For more info on positive lifestyle tips for beautiful skin, look through my blog archives (3/2011) and read " Stop STRESSING... Sometimes the best things in life are free! "

Friday, September 30, 2011

Product Obsession!

Who would have thought of putting concentrated nutrients from breast milk in a skin care product??? Epicurin did=)  Epicurin's signature Colostrum Cream Serum is one of my favorite moisturisers ever made. If you like that dewy, supple feeling you will love it too! The Colostrum serum speeds up the growth of skin cells and acts as a great night repair and cell regenerator. The formulation is also packed with other great ingredients such as Aloe Concentrate (which is also exfoliating), raw finely processed Almond , Macadamia & Kukui Nut, Seaweed Extract, Witch Hazel, and Apricot and Orange Oil. It is great for dry skin, sensitive skin, Rosacea, or anyone who needs that extra hydration and glow. 

Shop around, prices vary from $70 for the 2 oz. bottle, to $140 for the 4 oz. My advice to is buy the smaller bottle (keeps fresh that way, the 4 oz lasts a long time) if you don't get a much better deal for the bigger. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Save $$$, Make your own Vitamin C Serum

In an earlier blog, I discussed the benefits of Vitamin C. Some benefits discussed include; anti-aging & the prevention and correction of sun damage. Unfortunately, the expensive Vitamin C products are not always stable and effective.  When exposed to air, vitamin C undergoes oxidation and becomes not only ineffective but also potentially harmful (oxidized vitamin C may increase the formation of free radicals). So many of the Vitamin C products we buy, may be ineffective a week after opening or sometimes sooner. Another issue with Vitamin C products that are bought in department and drug stores are that they claim to give amazing results from the Vitamin C, but don't contain nearly enough quality Vitamin C to product results.

***The cheapest and most effective thing to do is make your own. Make batches weekly to ensure quality, and store DIY (do it yourself) product in a small dark amber, air-tight bottle to avoid oxidation.

Here are 2 great recipes I found on a website=)

Vitamin C Serum #1
This serum is quite flexible, but you need to make new batches regularly so it stays fresh and potent.

  • ½ teaspoon l-ascorbic acid powder
  • 3½ teaspoon distilled water (bottled water is fine, should be at room temperature)
  • 1½ teaspoon vegetable glycerin or aloe vera gel
  • 1 amber or dark blue glass bottle
1.     Make sure your glass bottle is sterile by boiling it in some hot water. You can also sterilize it with some rubbing alcohol.
2.     Wait for the bottle to cool and dry completely.
3.     Add the l-ascorbic acid to the bottle.
4.     Add the distilled water.
5.     Swish around the bottle or use a stirrer until all the l-ascorbic acid is dissolved.
6.     Add the propylene glycol or glycerin or others. 
7.     Mix well (cap the bottle and keep shaking until everything is blended or use a stirrer) and use up as early as possible.  

Vitamin C serum #2
This vitamin C serum mixes vitamin C with ferulic acid and E. Ferulic acid stabilizes the vitamin C. 

  • 2 shot glasses
  • 1 oz. cobalt or amber dropper or pump bottle
  • 1 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid
  • 1/4 tsp (1 ml) Vitamin E (equals 1%)
  • .5% of Ferulic Acid (1 good pinch)
  • 2 tsp SKB (Sea Kelp Bioferment)
  • 3 + 1/2 tsp of distilled water
  • 1/2 tsp of vodka (vodka will dissolve the FA so it's not gritty, and it also keeps the ph low enough.) 
1.     In first shot glass, put 1 tsp C into the 3 + 1/2 tsp of distilled water. Put on the side, stirring occasionally till FULLY dissolved (This can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, so have patience.)
2.     In 2nd shot glass put in 1/2 tsp vodka, and sprinkle the FA in and mix. When it has dissolved fully, add in the vitamin E + SKB and stir it all up well.
3.     When the LAA has fully dissolved in the 1st shot glass, mix the contents of both glasses together, stir very well, and carefully pour into your 1oz bottle.
4.     Keeping it in a cool, dry and dark place or the fridge will keep it potent and stable.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More YUMMY skin secrets

I think I will dedicate this week to yummy cafe finds that are good for your skin. ACAI bowls!!!! My healthiest addiction. It has been a craze in Hawaii for a while, and is slowly but surely making it big around the world.

What is it??? a dark purple antioxidant rich berry that comes from a type of palm tree native to Central and South America. It is quickly becoming the most Amazing "SUPERFOOD" in the world because of its many mood enhancing & health benefits. 

Healthier skin and a more youthful appearance, improved sleep, better digestion, & detoxification benefits (all which contribute to healthier skin as well), weight loss and increased energy are also some nice benefits.

Bonus:  Acai bowls are made from frozen Acai ,other powerhouse (high in antioxidants and vitamins) berries such as, blueberries & strawberries and can be blended with HEMP milk!!! It is then topped off  with other fresh fruit, honey, and bee pollen. ( All GREAT for your skin)  OOOH and the taste is heavenly!! 

P.S- I appologize in advanced for contributing to your new addiction XOXO 

Monday, September 12, 2011


Its been a while, but feels great to be back. I took a month off of writing to enjoy the last bit of summer with my family. We did a lot of road tripping and had a ton of fun. One of the cool trends that I found while cafe hopping was hemp milk. In coffees, smoothies and cereal. The taste is similar to almond milk and a little heavier than rice milk, but it is gold for your skin. It is rich in essential amino acids, fatty acids such as Omega-3 and ALA (alpha linolenic acid) and also contains Vitamins B, C and E!! What does all this mean for your skin???

Benefits of Hemp Milk for your skin:

So next time you are at a cafe or health food market ask for HEMP MILK. Enjoy XOXOXO!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

MEN's Choice Product Picks

Cleanse- Anthony Logistics Men's Algae Face Cleanser cleanses, moisturizes and calms the skin. It is PH balanced for men and also helps prep the skin for shaving. It has Algae, Aloe, Azulene, Lavender and Rose Hip Oil! All great ingredients to help sooth, heal, cleanse and refresh the skin. Lather up a dime size amount 2x a day!

Shaving Issues- Zihr product line created a product called Erase which addresses razor burn, redness associated with shaving, and ingrown hairs. Erase is an alcohol free product, which also has moisture enhancing ingredients. It can be applied 1-2x daily with a tissue or cotton ball on affected areas. 

Moisturize+ Sun Protection- H2V Protect SPF Moisturizer is one the Mens choice top selling products at Burke Williams, due to its easy to use, light yet hydrating formulation. It also has a gentle built in SPF without a strong fragrance.  L'oreal also has an affordable men's SPF daily moisturizer (VITA LIFT spf 15), that has anti-aging ingredients added in as well. 

Got other faves???  I would love to hear about them XOXO

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MEN...this one is for you

I love going to skin training classes and seminars, they always remind me to touch on subjects that I tend to overlook. So this blog is dedicated to MEN; whose skin care market currently measures at $12.1 billion and is expected to grow.  

What Men need to know about their skin (generalization):  
1. Men typically have thicker and more sensitive skin
2. Men's skin has a tendency to produce more oil or sebum and tend to have larger pores than women
3. Men also have a lower PH (more acidic) making them sensitive to chemical peels and other agressive treatments
4. Male skin cells also carry fewer antioxidants, which may lead to a greater number of aging issues 
5. Men suffer from ingrown hairs, rash and dryness from shaving

So what does this mean... 

1. Your cleanser should have a PH of about 5.5 or lower to keep your skin balanced and protected. Most bar soaps men use have a PH of 9.5+  which will strip your skin.

2. You should opt for enzymes as an exfoliant, rather than an acid. It will be gentler on your skin, but still get the job done.

3. Load up on the antioxidants... both internal and external. Drink that green tea, yerba matte & red wine. Alpha lipoic acid and DMAE are also great internal supplements. Externally, you can find all sorts of moisturizers with antioxidants packed in. (Vit. C, grape seed, alpha lipoic acid.... the list goes on)

4. SUN PROTECTION!! 70% of the skin cancer cases were found on men. Free radical exposure, in combination with naturally low antioxidant levels make you great skin cancer targets. And with your thicker skin, you may not burn as easy, which tricks you in to thinking you don't need an SPF. That is not true. Burning and Cancer are 2 different things, so PLEASE find a good SPF and use it daily.

5. As for shaving. Try to find hydrating shaving creams or gels to protect skin in that area and always shave in the direction of hair growth. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, you may use a gentle salicylic acid to help with the breakouts as needed. 

6. Lastly, make an appointment to see your favorite esthetician once a month. You won't regret it!
 Men SPA-ing is the biggest growing trend. 

Stay tuned for some great MEN worthy skin care products!! XOXO

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chemical Peels

Lets Start with realist goals off chemical peels:
  • they can help to even out skin tone
  • correct mild sun damage 
  • reduce mid scarring
  • make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable
  • help with the removal of stubborn blackheads and excess oil
  • temporarily help to tighten pores and decrease oil

Unrealistic Goals:
  • will not get rid of keloidal type or deep acne scarring (try laser)
  • will not reduce the appearance of blood vessels and broken capillaries 
  • get rid of all your wrinkles =(
  • sorry... its not a face lift either
  • and it is impossible to change the diameter of your pore size... it only helps pores to appear tighter and less pronounced

These are some of the active ingredients used for mild to moderate strength chemical peels (they are used alone or in combination with one another)
  • Glycolic Acid (an AHA or alpha hydroxy acid derived from plant sugars, this AHA has the smallest molecule and is one of the most popular for this reason) 
  • Lactic Acid (AHA derived from sour milk)
  • Malic (AHA derived from apples)
  • Citric Acid (AHA derived from citrus fruits)
  • Tartaric (AHA derived from grapes or wine sediment)
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA or Beta Hydroxy acid)
  • Jessner's Peel
  • ( a combination of salicyclic acid, resorcinol and lactic acid mixed in ethanol)
  • Resorcinol
  • TCA (Trichloracetic Acid)
  • TCA is used in a variety of peeling regimens such as the Obagi Blue Peel.
I will go in to detail about each acid in later blogs, since there is so much info

*Aside from the active ingredients, many spa grade, organic and home peels use other ingredients such as antioxidants, and stimulants to enhance the peel!...  
Burke Williams SPA has a great 4 Layer Resurfacing Peel, which utilizes a variety of enzymes, a high % glycolic acid, and a AHA/BHA blueberry detox mask (very stimulating!!!) Its a must try
There are different levels of peeling, depending on the % of acid and the chemical agent being used. Most home peels have a very low % and are considered very superficial peels. Some Day Spas offer mild to border line medium superficial peels, where as you may find a deeper peel at a medical spas or doctors office. 
A good home peel to try 
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel 30

Friday, July 15, 2011

Microdermabrasion vs Peels

I just received a question from one of my readers regarding microdermabrasion & peels.  She wanted to know if they gave the same results and if not, which is better.

In my opinion, you can get better results from peels.  Microdermabrasion physically removes the dead layers of skin, while peels chemically dissolve the dead layers.  With microderm, there is always the chance of excoriating the skin, leaving unwanted scratch marks.  Peels can give you a deeper exfoliation and leave you with a gorgeous glow, depending on the peel.  There are many types of peels, each with their own unique results.  I will elaborate on peels in my next blog.  But for now, I would opt for a good peel over a microderm any day! =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Top Contenders

I have been researching Stem Cell Technology and have tried a few products, but it was impossible to find legit peer board reviews on them (those are the reviews that you want to look for). So, here are some of the top contenders, based on personal experience, research and technology... please let me know if there are any that you (my readers) have tried and loved! There are a few that I have tried, such as Kate Somerville's Cyto Cell that did not make the top contenders. For the price, the ingredient list was not impressive. 

Created by Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Nathan Newman, Luminesce contains over 200 growths factors. Among them the growth factors, cytokines and interleukins (great stuff!) . They are known to destroy bad cells and replace them with healthy cells. These growths factors are created with Adult Stems cells. This is the first patent pending adult stem cell serum on the market according to Dr. Newman.  Price range: $120-140

ReVive Peau Magnifique runs $1500 for a few viles. It contains something called telomerase which activates dormant adult stem cells and is said to repair DNA fragmentation...Users of this product rave about its anti-aging results. At $1500 i'm gonna have to do a lot more research. 

GM Collins uses Plant Stem Cells to increase cell longevity and Orsirtine™ to promote cell survival in it's newest PHYTO STEM CELL + serum. These anti-aging products are designed to promote the cellular vitality of the skin and help delay the visible signs of aging. So far I'm liking it, but I still have 2 weeks to go according to their study...where after 28 days, you will see up to 92% wrinkle reduction and 63% increase in firmness. Price ranges from: $85-100

If you are looking for something in the $25-30 price range, this product is for you! Its next on my to buy list. This product claims to use the rare swiss apple in its Plant Stem Cell Technology. Their Cellular Activator Face Serum awakens dormant skin cells, making them behave like young skin cells. 

Their unique PhytoPlex™ plant extracts help visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and bring out a more youthful appearance. For $25... its worth a try=)XOXO

    Thursday, July 7, 2011


    After an amazing vacation, I am geared up and ready to talk SKIN. Stem Cells???

    The “fountain of youth” is something that people will be researching until it is found. Some think that stem cell technology is the answer. There are two types of research being done… embryonic and adult. The adult stem cell research is the preferred, since they use stem cells from an adult donor, rather than an unborn fetus.

    First thing you must understand is that not all stem cell technology assisted products actually use true stem cells within the product itself.  They use indicators that emanate from the stem cell in attempt to “trick” the skin into restoring its youthful appearance and performance.  The clinical research that has been done on this specific procedure has been proven to intensify the moisture in the skin and erase wrinkles, fine lines and other aging indications. The best explanation given by the clinical scientists is that it is equal to turning a raisin back in to a grape! WOW

    With that said… not all stem cell products are created equally! Skin care manufacturers use stem cell sources from human donors, plants, fruit, marine life… and not all prove the same results.

    Stay tuned=) In my next blog I will spill on the best stem cell sources and product lines that actually work! XOXO

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Quick Tip;)

    To help diminish the appearance of yucky cellulite... Srub your booty vigorously with a homemade coffee grind/ honey mixture daily while in the hot shower! The caffeine helps to stimulate oxygen flow, and the honey will help to hydrate and make your backside feel smooth and tight! XOXO

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    A few more FREE skin tips for amazing summer skin!

    1. Drink lots of Water; The ideal ratio is 1/2 your weight in oz. Your skin needs to be hydrated from the inside as well!  (ooh and don't forget about your omega 3s)

    2. Keep pillow cases soft, clean and bacteria free; Your face is smashed up against it every night... think about it! (Ideally back sleeping is the best if you can train yourself to do it, it keeps the thin skin around your eyes from creating unnecessary wrinkles)

    3.Eat Raw when possible and keep sugars to a minimum for glowing healthy skin. I try to eat a raw breakfast and lunch (lots of fruits and veggies, grains...) , then enjoy a cooked dinner.

    4. Exercise; both your body and your face. Keeping your body moving improves circulation, and exercising your face muscles will help keep your face muscles toned=) Check on line for a few fun facial exercises!

    5. Switch from Coffee to Green Tea;  load up on the antioxidants this summer ( Bonus; green tea is one of the #1 fat burning ingredients as well)

    6. Keep a hydrating toner in your bag this summer and spritz it on throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and fresh! Think of it as a fresh drink of water for your skin(thanks Michelle, I stold that line from you)
    I like Burke Williams H2V Prepare Toner, its affordable and packed with moisture retaining ingredients and antioxidants.

    7. SPF- need I say more; read my previous blogs on sun protection for more 411

    8. Wide brim hats and Big Sexy Sunglasses are so in! and will help protect your skin from aging=)

    9. Keep up with your skin routine-cleansing, exfoliating, treating, hydrating and protection

    10. SMile and have FUN!


    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    The Art of Transformation

    As much as I support natural skincare supplements and products, I also understand the growing popularity and the amazing results that cutting edge technology can provide. With new injectables and procedures on the market every year, my clients are often confused on what does what... and which one is better. Here is a little rundown...

    There are two Muscle Relaxer/Wrinkle Smoothers that dominate the market right now;
    Botox & Dysport (the newer and and usually cheaper alternative). These are usually injected between frown lines or on the forehead and  last between 3-6 months (sometimes longer depending on homecare). For the money I have heard that dysport gets the job done and gives great results. I would love to hear your opinions, as I have not tried either.

    Next we have the Wrinkle Fillers;
    The 3 common fillers are usually a Hyaluronic acid, Collagen , or a synthetic Filler.

    The Hyaluronic Fillers that you might have heard of are Restylane, Perlane and Juvaderm. These Typically last up to 6 months and help to plump up and smooth out folds, wrinkles or scars. Swelling and bruising are not uncommon so avoid any blood thinners such as aspirin, Ginko, Vit E...2 weeks prior to injection.

    The Collagen Fillers are not as popular, as results last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. However, these injections typically run about a $100 cheaper. It is suggested to ice area immediately after to prevent swelling, and also remember to gently massage filled areas for a few minutes several times a day for the 24 hours to prevent bumps.

    Lastly I will talk about Synthetic Fillers, since they have been getting all the hype lately. The top 3 brands are Radiesse, Sculptra Aesthetic, and Artefill.  A Beverly Hills Doctor was referring to Sculpta and Artefill, as the biggest injectable breakthroughs since Botox. These bioactive fillers are not only said to help fill and smooth out wrinkles, folds and scars, but are promising to stimulate new collagen growth and restore volume for long periods of time. Radiesse should last a year a more, Sculptra may last up to 2, while Artefill is permanent.FYI...permanent fillers are extremely difficult to remove!

    With that all said... be very picky with your Doctor selection, you are paying for their skill, artistry and expertise in the field. And again. LESS IS MORE! meaning you want natural results, you don't want to look altered, just great for your age!

    Trusted Doctors to try>>> Hawaii Readers; Dr. Randy Wong of Honolulu Plastic Surgery's Center of Transforming Arts has an amazing outlook on Plastic Surgery... he integrates leading edge technology with a more holistic and traditional approach to offer amazing transformations! check out his website at
    For our LA readers; Kate Somerville's Melrose Clinic offers clients a variety of Doctor performed treatments, while keeping skin health the ideal goal!

    Now thats aging beautifully! 

    Enjoy and Remember... You didn't age overnight, why should you anti-age overnight? amazing, natural results takes time and commitment!! XOXO

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    The Beach Goddess GLOW... Summer Make-up & Skin Tips!

    Fresh Faced & Glowing is always IN
    Lets talk make-up... my other favorite topic! If there is one tip to remember for summer makeup; its LESS IS MORE! Keep your face fresh and dewy by adding a bit of liquid bronzer to your daily moisturizer, or if you need the coverage from your foundation, mix that with your daily moisturizer instead and sweep some bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face for a little glow! Don't waste your money on a tinted moisturizer, just mix your own and you will get the same amazing results. Keep lips hydrated and soft by exfoliating them weekly(brown sugar, olive oil & honey works great) and applying a lip moisturizer daily, preferably one with a kiss of color and an SPF (Kiehl's has a great one, and so does Neutragena).  For eyes, stick to a waterproof mascara, skip the heavy liners and brush on a touch of gold, bronze, soft pink or pale whites if any color at all=)

    A few if my favorite liquid bronzers...P.S I really like the benefits of the Argan Oil in Josie Maran's!
    ENJOY YOUR BEACH GODDESS GLOW!!! and don't forget the sunblock XOXOXO

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    My new Obsession!!! SUPER

               FEED HUNGRY SKIN!!!

    I recently stumbled across my favorite new store while wandering around Malibu... SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Their motto is: Feed Hungry Skin! I love it. The products are all created with the world's most powerful superfoods, some of which I have blogged about before, such as, Tumeric, Omega 3 from Chia, Acai... I was in Heaven.

      I even learned about a new superfood that is is great for the skin. Melon. Apparently it brings out the brightness of your skin.

    His new "Bright Eyed" melon eye cream has been getting great media attention, so I had to try it. So far it's wonderful. I am itching to go back to the SUPER store again.

    Go check it out for yourself; Unfortunately there are only two locations right now, Malibu & Berkeley, CA, but it's worth the trip! XOXO

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    A Fun SKIN FAB Salsa Recipe Courtesy of Dr. Perricone

    Mix up some of these skin beneficial fresh ingredients for a great salsa recipe 

    Pomegranate Salsa - Courtesy of Dr. Perricone's Ageless Face, Ageless Mind Book=) 
    3 tbsp. of diced red onion
    1 garlic clove minced
    1tbsp. of organic extra virgin olive oil
    1 cup of pomegranate seeds (I found some at trader joes )
    1/4 cup of pure pomegranate juice
    1/2 cup of cilantro
    salt and pepper to taste
    zest of a fresh lime

    Saute the onion and garlic ( I added a few sweet cherry tomatoes as well) in olive oil at medium heat. Place in bowl. Stir in pomegranate seeds, pomegranate juice, lime zest and cilantro. Season to taste. Chill ...Then Eat To Great Skin!


    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Must Read!

    Not all skin conditions should be treated the same way. Just because you have breakouts or acne doesn't mean that you have oily skin and that you need an acne face wash, and an acne medicated moisturiser.

    I had a client the other day in her mid 40's that came in with dehydrated, flaky skin, and small under the skin acne all across her forehead and jaw line. She was stressed out and anxious about her skin and said that she had spent hundreds of $$ on products that are not working. The problem was my client was misdiagnosed... she had dry skin to begin with and was experiencing a reaction to stress, anxiety and a totally wrong homecare plan. She did not need all those acne fighting products. It was drying out her skin and creating more problems. When people breakout, their immediate reaction is to pile on the acne medications. But that just tricks your oil production to go into overdrive, creating more oil and back up in the pores, while the top layer of your skin is suffering and experiencing inflammation and dryness.

    The key to healthy skin is finding the perfect balance. You still need to hydrate and use products based on your skin type. Spot treatments, masks and specialty products may be used to treat the specific conditions that you are experiencing.

    My game plan I prescribed for her specific skin type and conditions:

    • Gentle non-drying cleanser (you need to keep skin clean and balance oil production)
    • A glycolic acid exfoliant with antioxidants (dead skin also needs to be exfoliated to keep acne away)
    • A spa grade (smaller molecule than OTC) gentle yet effective Benzoyl Peroxide product to be used only as a spot treatment (you need to use a spot treatment to kill the bacteria... a 2% Salicylic Acid would work great as well)
    • A hydrating moisturiser with Rose Hip & Azelaic Acid in it to help fight inflammation and bacteria while hydrating the skin ( I replaced her acne moisturiser which she was using on her entire face, with a hydrating nourishing moisturiser)
    • Supplements: Alpha Lipoic (fights inflammation internally), and Tumeric (refer to my blog on tumeric for the many benefits)
    • Lots R & R.... find ways to relax and de-stress ( getting rid of stress will help to clear up skin as well;) )
    To sum it all up, I encourage you to enjoy my tips and product recommendations along with all the other great information you find on the web or in magazines... but when it comes to your personalized skin care program,  I advise you to leave it to the skin experts to diagnose your skin type and conditions before you start treating your skin=) XOXO 

    *Our waiting list (for personal consulting) is growing thanks to all of our great readers! Contact us at if you would like a personalized consultation.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    The Allies

    Here are some other ingredients to look for in products/supplements that can help stimulate or increase the production of Hyaluronic Acid, or help to fight off Hyaluronidase.


    • Polyphenols- help to inhibit the activity of Hyaluronidase
    • Grape Seed Extract- helps by inhibiting the destruction of the Hyaluronic Acid
    • Citric Acid- 20-25% applied topically may increase the Hyaluronic Acid content of the skin
    • Glycolic Acid- applied topically may increase the production of Hyaluronic Acid
    • Retinoids such as Retinol/Retin A- also found to increase the production of Hyaluronic Acid when applied topically
    • Coenzyme Q10- Can help to increase the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid by the skin's Fibroblasts
    • Echinacea- may protect Hyaluronic Acid from destruction by the Hyaluronidase enzyme
    • Gotu Kola- stimulates the production of Hyaluronic Acid
    • Estrogens- when applied topically, this female hormone can also help to stimulate the production of HA

    A few great products that have some of the indgredients listed above:

    H2V 's G-10 (Burke Williams Private Line) - Its an amazing 10% glycolic serum with acai berry (super antioxidant)

    Caudalie Radiance Day Fluid- packed with grape seed polyphenols, and gives your skin a natural glow!

    Peter Thomas Roth's Retinol Fusion PM-  I love this product!! has both the Retinol (gentle) and Vit C 

    Enjoy XOXO

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Learn how to fight the "SKIN VILLAIN"

    The hyaluronidases; a.k.a "The Skin Villain" are a family of enzymes that degrade or kill off our precious hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skinbut as we age, the percentage of HA in the skin decreases, which leads to loss of moisture, elasticity, and firmness... AGING.  

    I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to attend a training with the Brilliant Boldijar Koronczay, Owner and President of Eminence Organics. This was not the first of his training's that I have attended, but definitely one of the most informative! I learned all about the aforementioned skin villain, and how many of their products help to fight it.  Their Strawberry Rhubarb line is my personal favorite (both the mask and serum are amazing). It is extremely hydrating, rich in anti-aging ingredients , and also contain their "vegan" version of a topical hyaluronic acid. Eminence's HA is extracted from the Marshmallow Root , which has a 10-20X smaller molecular size than the HA found in many skin care lines that extract theirs from pig skin and rooster combs. That means that it has a better chance of getting deep in to the skin to get the job done. 

    Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of other ingredients that I have found to either increase the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid, or help to battle the evil hyaluronidase. 

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    Fact/ Myth: Is it possible to change your pore size??? read to find out

    QUICK FACT: It is not possible to change your pore size!  You can however, make them appear smaller and prevent them from stretching by keeping pores clean and empty. Getting facials and exfoliating skin regularly can help. Witch hazel is also great for keeping pores nice and tight without drying out your skin. I like the witch hazel with rose water in it, it gives you that extra hydration.

    P.S- Do not attempt to squeeze the big ones on your own, they can cause permanent stretching of the pore. Leave it to the professionals;)

    Friday, May 6, 2011


    Who would have thought that eating tomatoes could help to boost your sun protection. They contain an extremely potent antioxidant, Lycopene, which recent research proves to boost sun protection. The tomatoes should be cooked or stewed for maximum results, and eaten daily. Don't go throwing away the sunscreen. Eating tomotoes, combined with a topical UVA/UVB protection will offer great results while playing in the sun this summer!

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    The Sunshine Vitamin

    Although we (skincare professionals) stress the damaging effects of the sun, sunshine is not our enemy. There are many wonderful benefits of spending time in the sun. Just stay protected, and don't over do it. Moderation in all things is key;)
    Vitamin D Comes From the Sun ; Sunlight is the best and the only natural source of vitamin D.  Hundreds of studies now link vitamin D deficiency with higher rates of cancers‚ heart disease‚ osteoporosis‚ multiple sclerosis and many other conditions and diseases. Vitamin D also helps with depression and supports a healthy immune system.

    It is essential that we get our daily dose of "D" from the natural sunlight. XOXO

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    Life Saving Skin Care

    The sun doesn't care what time of the day or year it is, what color of skin you have, where you live, or how much time you spend in the sun... It's harmful rays can be damaging to your skin and overall health.

    The best tip I can give you: SUNSCREEN
    It should be an essential part of your daily skincare regimen. If you remember nothing else, slap some on before you leave the house in the morning.  It only takes a few minutes in the sun for sun damage to begin. Think...  walking to your office from your car, driving, playing outside with the kids.... You don't have to be a sunbather to see damage.

    I love the spending time in the sun! Surfing , hiking, sports, playing with the kids... I enjoy outdoors too much to stay out of the sun. But I apply my SPF 30 in the morning and re-apply my Eminence Sun Defense Minerals throughout the day.  Wide brim hats and sunglasses are also a great way to stay sun smart. With spring here and summer coming, I thought I would dedicate this week to the SUN!  

    Stay tuned this week for more info on benefits of the sun & prevention of sun damage...  XOXO

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Tumeric: One of Nature's Most Powerful Healers & Great For SKIN

    Ever wonder why women from India have such beautiful skin? Well, not only do they take great care of their skin, but they have been utilizing this amazing spice for centuries.Tumeric has many healing qualities. Not only is it an excellent anti-oxidant, but it is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, and skin healing properties.
    I take the supplements daily , and try to incorporate the spice in my cooking from time to time. You can also apply it directly to the face. Here are a few recipes...
    •  Mix a little turmeric with cucumber or lemon juice and apply to your face. Leave it for 10-15 min then wash off. If you do this consistently it will help to even out the skin tone and help fade pigmentation on the face.
    • Turmeric mixed with sandalwood powder and a little water, and applied to the face can greatly reduce the appearance of acne
    • For an all over body scrub. Mix some turmeric with flour and water and use it to scrub all over your body before your shower. Doing this regularly will help you get glowing skin. 
    •  For pregnant women; try applying a mixture of turmeric with yogurt to the belly and then wipe off after five minutes. If you continue this regularly, throughout pregnancy it will help to the maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent stretch marks.
    • Regular washing with turmeric also reduces facial hair growth significantly.
    • In India they often prefer to apply a paste of turmeric to minor cuts, bruises and bumps to reduce the swelling since it is such a great anti-inflammatory. Its antiseptic properties are also perfect for using it for minor cuts, wounds and abrasions. It helps to speed up the healing process of the skin.
    *A few more benefits of Tumeric include:
    -May prevent melanoma, and help to kill off existing melanoma cells
    -It is a natural liver detoxifier
    -Used in Chinese Medicine to treat depression
    -A powerful cancer fighter
    -Used to prevent osteoporosis( prepare w/milk)

    Enjoy some Tumeric for good health and great skin! XOXO