Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chemical Peels

Lets Start with realist goals off chemical peels:
  • they can help to even out skin tone
  • correct mild sun damage 
  • reduce mid scarring
  • make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable
  • help with the removal of stubborn blackheads and excess oil
  • temporarily help to tighten pores and decrease oil

Unrealistic Goals:
  • will not get rid of keloidal type or deep acne scarring (try laser)
  • will not reduce the appearance of blood vessels and broken capillaries 
  • get rid of all your wrinkles =(
  • sorry... its not a face lift either
  • and it is impossible to change the diameter of your pore size... it only helps pores to appear tighter and less pronounced

These are some of the active ingredients used for mild to moderate strength chemical peels (they are used alone or in combination with one another)
  • Glycolic Acid (an AHA or alpha hydroxy acid derived from plant sugars, this AHA has the smallest molecule and is one of the most popular for this reason) 
  • Lactic Acid (AHA derived from sour milk)
  • Malic (AHA derived from apples)
  • Citric Acid (AHA derived from citrus fruits)
  • Tartaric (AHA derived from grapes or wine sediment)
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA or Beta Hydroxy acid)
  • Jessner's Peel
  • ( a combination of salicyclic acid, resorcinol and lactic acid mixed in ethanol)
  • Resorcinol
  • TCA (Trichloracetic Acid)
  • TCA is used in a variety of peeling regimens such as the Obagi Blue Peel.
I will go in to detail about each acid in later blogs, since there is so much info

*Aside from the active ingredients, many spa grade, organic and home peels use other ingredients such as antioxidants, and stimulants to enhance the peel!...  
Burke Williams SPA has a great 4 Layer Resurfacing Peel, which utilizes a variety of enzymes, a high % glycolic acid, and a AHA/BHA blueberry detox mask (very stimulating!!!) Its a must try
There are different levels of peeling, depending on the % of acid and the chemical agent being used. Most home peels have a very low % and are considered very superficial peels. Some Day Spas offer mild to border line medium superficial peels, where as you may find a deeper peel at a medical spas or doctors office. 
A good home peel to try 
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel 30

Friday, July 15, 2011

Microdermabrasion vs Peels

I just received a question from one of my readers regarding microdermabrasion & peels.  She wanted to know if they gave the same results and if not, which is better.

In my opinion, you can get better results from peels.  Microdermabrasion physically removes the dead layers of skin, while peels chemically dissolve the dead layers.  With microderm, there is always the chance of excoriating the skin, leaving unwanted scratch marks.  Peels can give you a deeper exfoliation and leave you with a gorgeous glow, depending on the peel.  There are many types of peels, each with their own unique results.  I will elaborate on peels in my next blog.  But for now, I would opt for a good peel over a microderm any day! =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Top Contenders

I have been researching Stem Cell Technology and have tried a few products, but it was impossible to find legit peer board reviews on them (those are the reviews that you want to look for). So, here are some of the top contenders, based on personal experience, research and technology... please let me know if there are any that you (my readers) have tried and loved! There are a few that I have tried, such as Kate Somerville's Cyto Cell that did not make the top contenders. For the price, the ingredient list was not impressive. 

Created by Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Nathan Newman, Luminesce contains over 200 growths factors. Among them the growth factors, cytokines and interleukins (great stuff!) . They are known to destroy bad cells and replace them with healthy cells. These growths factors are created with Adult Stems cells. This is the first patent pending adult stem cell serum on the market according to Dr. Newman.  Price range: $120-140

ReVive Peau Magnifique runs $1500 for a few viles. It contains something called telomerase which activates dormant adult stem cells and is said to repair DNA fragmentation...Users of this product rave about its anti-aging results. At $1500 i'm gonna have to do a lot more research. 

GM Collins uses Plant Stem Cells to increase cell longevity and Orsirtine™ to promote cell survival in it's newest PHYTO STEM CELL + serum. These anti-aging products are designed to promote the cellular vitality of the skin and help delay the visible signs of aging. So far I'm liking it, but I still have 2 weeks to go according to their study...where after 28 days, you will see up to 92% wrinkle reduction and 63% increase in firmness. Price ranges from: $85-100

If you are looking for something in the $25-30 price range, this product is for you! Its next on my to buy list. This product claims to use the rare swiss apple in its Plant Stem Cell Technology. Their Cellular Activator Face Serum awakens dormant skin cells, making them behave like young skin cells. 

Their unique PhytoPlex™ plant extracts help visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and bring out a more youthful appearance. For $25... its worth a try=)XOXO

    Thursday, July 7, 2011


    After an amazing vacation, I am geared up and ready to talk SKIN. Stem Cells???

    The “fountain of youth” is something that people will be researching until it is found. Some think that stem cell technology is the answer. There are two types of research being done… embryonic and adult. The adult stem cell research is the preferred, since they use stem cells from an adult donor, rather than an unborn fetus.

    First thing you must understand is that not all stem cell technology assisted products actually use true stem cells within the product itself.  They use indicators that emanate from the stem cell in attempt to “trick” the skin into restoring its youthful appearance and performance.  The clinical research that has been done on this specific procedure has been proven to intensify the moisture in the skin and erase wrinkles, fine lines and other aging indications. The best explanation given by the clinical scientists is that it is equal to turning a raisin back in to a grape! WOW

    With that said… not all stem cell products are created equally! Skin care manufacturers use stem cell sources from human donors, plants, fruit, marine life… and not all prove the same results.

    Stay tuned=) In my next blog I will spill on the best stem cell sources and product lines that actually work! XOXO