Thursday, July 7, 2011


After an amazing vacation, I am geared up and ready to talk SKIN. Stem Cells???

The “fountain of youth” is something that people will be researching until it is found. Some think that stem cell technology is the answer. There are two types of research being done… embryonic and adult. The adult stem cell research is the preferred, since they use stem cells from an adult donor, rather than an unborn fetus.

First thing you must understand is that not all stem cell technology assisted products actually use true stem cells within the product itself.  They use indicators that emanate from the stem cell in attempt to “trick” the skin into restoring its youthful appearance and performance.  The clinical research that has been done on this specific procedure has been proven to intensify the moisture in the skin and erase wrinkles, fine lines and other aging indications. The best explanation given by the clinical scientists is that it is equal to turning a raisin back in to a grape! WOW

With that said… not all stem cell products are created equally! Skin care manufacturers use stem cell sources from human donors, plants, fruit, marine life… and not all prove the same results.

Stay tuned=) In my next blog I will spill on the best stem cell sources and product lines that actually work! XOXO

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