Friday, September 30, 2011

Product Obsession!

Who would have thought of putting concentrated nutrients from breast milk in a skin care product??? Epicurin did=)  Epicurin's signature Colostrum Cream Serum is one of my favorite moisturisers ever made. If you like that dewy, supple feeling you will love it too! The Colostrum serum speeds up the growth of skin cells and acts as a great night repair and cell regenerator. The formulation is also packed with other great ingredients such as Aloe Concentrate (which is also exfoliating), raw finely processed Almond , Macadamia & Kukui Nut, Seaweed Extract, Witch Hazel, and Apricot and Orange Oil. It is great for dry skin, sensitive skin, Rosacea, or anyone who needs that extra hydration and glow. 

Shop around, prices vary from $70 for the 2 oz. bottle, to $140 for the 4 oz. My advice to is buy the smaller bottle (keeps fresh that way, the 4 oz lasts a long time) if you don't get a much better deal for the bigger. 

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