Monday, March 28, 2011

Stop STRESSING!! Sometimes the best things in life are FREE

Stress is the number one beauty thief! I have had many affluent clients who have all the money in the world to spend on the best treatments and products, yet their skin is far from perfect.  Most of them have stress to thank for it. Stress causes the increase of the hormone Cortisol, which can actually increase skin aging and wrinkles(responsible for the breakdown of collagen), making you look up to 7 years older than you really are. After talking to them about the issue, they usually ask me which products will help.  Products are great, however, some of the greatest stress combating, skin health tips are free!
                                                                                                                                                                               1) Breathe deeply; not all of us have time for yoga and meditation. If you do...great! If not, take some time to learn how to breathe deeply and slowly. This will help to increase the flow of oxygen and lymph resulting in better circulation and healthy glowing skin.

2)Exercise; you don't have to run a marathon. Take your dog for a walk, play outside with the kids, go for a swim or hike...just get moving. Staying active boosts the activity of white blood cells, and increases levels of beta-endorphines.  Beta-endorphines are amazing!!! They help to fight the stress hormone (cortisol), improve your mood and fight inflammation as well (another major aging factor).

3) Sex/Cuddling/Kissing; The world's best stress reliever! When you are making love, all sorts of beauty enhancing & age fighting goes on. 3 magical hormones are released...
Beta-endorphins (as mentioned above),  Prolactin (responsible for the "ahhhhh" relaxed feeling), and Oxytocin (another feel-good, affection promoting hormone).  Not only does it release these great hormones, but you burn calories and increase circulation. BONUS: The after glow results can be seen immediately!

4) Beauty sleep; you've heard it time and time again. Its true. RESTFUL sleep pays off.  It balances hormones, gives your skin cells time to refresh and reproduce, and leaves you looking  beautiful in the morning.

5) Take time to ENJOY LIFE!  I don't think I need to explain the benefits.



  1. great .. i exercise and i know it is good for me. i usually feel great and i am 72.